Alternate Logo Design

UTSA student Taylor Wrinkle recently posted a picture on Facebook of a new UTSA logo that he designed:


I really liked the idea for the logo, so I made some of my own:

Again, all credit for the idea goes to Taylor Wrinkle.

Leave a comment and let us know what you think of the logos.

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Darrell Williams

Darrell started writing about UTSA football before it was even a thing, then he took a few years off, and now he's back.

9 thoughts on “Alternate Logo Design”

  1. haha i didnt think anyone saw my design, i like the changes he made to be more exact to the original logo. if i ever get some more free time i can whip up some new and “cleaner” designs and see how you like it

  2. Hey Darrell, I’m the vice president of the Utsa tennis club and was thinking about using this design on our club shirts. I was wondering If that was alright with you? I’m a personal friend of Taylor Wrinkle and have yet to ask him, but I’m positive he wouldn’t mind.

  3. Hello Darrell, I’m the senior editor for the twitter account @UTSAFollowers and we were interested in using this rowdy head as a logo. Would that be okay with you?
    Thanks for your time

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