Marching band uniforms unveiled

The UTSA Marching Band unveiled their uniforms for the inaugural 2011 season tonight.

Keep in mind that there are still going to be a few minor changes in the uniform before the football season, including a shade brighter orange (to make it look less like the burnt orange team up I-35). Also, he’s wearing black gloves, but the band will be wearing navy gloves to match the rest of the uniform.


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8 thoughts on “Marching band uniforms unveiled”

  1. Nix the white pants and go all orange or go all blue with a splash of orange. I think orange pants with this jacket would help it. I am an alumni with a future UTSA band member….what’s up with the Alamo on the front?

  2. This has nothing to do with UTSA Roadrunners besides the fact that we are located in San Antonio. They could do a lot better. Something with UTSA and Roadrunners would be more about school spirit.

    1. I think they are trying to emphasize that they are “San Antonio’s band”. The administration has made it very clear that they want UTSA football to be “San Antonio’s team” and that the success of the program depends heavily on support from the general population of San Antonio, not just our students/alumni.
      Also, the majority of marching band uniforms are more about the local culture than the school itself. Just take a look at the UT-Austin uniforms. There’s no reference to Longhorns anywhere on their uniforms and that’s because they chose a uniform to represent the culture of Texas, just as we are representing San Antonio.

  3. This uniform is a cousin to the “Longhorn” uniform. The orange and white overstates the “UT” connection.

    Since the UTSA’s colors are orange and blue, an emphasis on the navy would have been preferable to white pants. (Plus, you can see the additional cloth around the zipper and seams when wearing white pants and doesn’t lend itself to concealing larger band members well.) Switching from a blue to a white plume would have given the uniform a more polished look. The uniform is too color heavy on top and does not look balanced. I’ve seen, worn and fitted many band uniforms. This is a poor design and looks dated.

    But, it could be worse – Nike could have designed the band uniform (

  4. The white pants are how you see band members’ legs in a big stadium environment. But the same issue can be addressed with a big blue stripe going down the leg. It’s the white collar that bothers me and on hot days is going to bother the bandies. A loose-fitting square, stand-up collar would have been better. I agree a white plume would have been better.

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