Big day for UTSA football

Early this morning, UTSA football staff met with Red McCombs and other Chamber of Commerce members for a breakfast at Stonewerks Big Rock Grille.

The event was meant to get big businesses and donors in San Antonio to buy tickets to the inaugural game in an attempt to “fill ‘er up,” as McCombs said, and he lead the way with a purchase of 1,000 tickets to the opener on Sept. 3, but that wasn’t the biggest news.

According to Dan McCarney of the San Antonio Express-News, Red McCombs also announced a $1 million dollar gift to go towards the construction of a new practice facility for UTSA football, and urged others to help out with the remaining $2 million needed to get the program its much needed facility.

Meanwhile, at the Alamodome, the inaugural Roadrunner football team got a chance to try on their new uniforms and meet with the media. Check out the slideshow below and check back later for a recap of the UTSA football media day.

Also, we were informed today that TE Cole Hubble and WR Earon Holmes, who are both sidelined with shoulder injuries, will likely be out for the month of September and are aiming for an October 8 return for the home game against the 2009 start-up South Alabama Jaguars.

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  1. Just using the full version. It works fine dude. Any idea if the players are going to have there names on the back of their jerseys?

  2. Did some searching… Not absolutely sure if we have the new Adidas Tech-Fit uniforms(I think we might), but after looking at a couple of other teams with the same style, it appears that the name would go between the runner logo & the #’s. Big time programs put the name on the jersey, so I hope we follow suit.

    1. Penn State, Notre Dame, USC and a few other FBS schools don’t have them, so I don’t think it’s that big of a deal. I doubt they have time to add the names to the jerseys now anyways, but I guess we’ll have to wait and see. They would be a nice addition though, since none of the players are well known, they would help fans and media to identify them without looking at the roster.

  3. Hey Darrell, got some info for you. But can’t put it outthere in a post. So whats your email bro?

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