Hoog likely out for season, having surgery tomorrow

I had previously reported that surgery would be unlikely for OL Patrick Hoog’s ankle, but I received an update that he had torn some ligaments in the ankle and he will have to undergo surgery tomorrow. He will likely be out for the entire season.

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Darrell Williams

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5 thoughts on “Hoog likely out for season, having surgery tomorrow”

  1. damn…best of luck and speedy recovery to him.

    It all starts with the O-line, Run or pass, you need a solid front, and we are getting thinner by the day.

  2. I think we’ll do fine as long as Leonard doesn’t get injured *knock on wood*
    I feel like we have three solid tackles and three solid guards, as well as a pretty good freshman at each position.
    Center is really where we’re lacking depth, and I’d assume one of our guards would have to move over if Leonard ever does go down. *knock on wood again, and repeat until Nov. 20*

  3. Tough one. Oline is too thin as it is. Not the end of the world. Have him for an extra D1 season…

    1. You think he’ll qualify for another year of eligibility? We had a discussion about this a few weeks ago on Rowdyville and the rule we found said you had to be injured for at least two seasons to qualify.

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