Projected 2011 Two-Deep Roster

Projecting the two-deep roster at most schools is as simple as copying over last year’s depth chart, erasing any departing players, and trying your best to fill in the gaps. For UTSA, the depth chart is nothing more than a few names like Soza and Johnson scribbled on a piece of paper. Sure, we’ve seen some practices, watched some highlights, checked out their recruiting profiles, but we really don’t have a whole lot to base this on.

With that being said, I’m willing to take the plunge and try my best to predict the seemingly unpredictable. Once you’ve read through my roster, if you’re willing to risk being the guy whose projected starting right tackle rides the pine all season, scroll down to the comments and let us know who you think should be considered.

Note: I’ll go three-deep or one-deep at a few positions where it makes sense to do so.

Eric Soza, So.-RS
John Simmons, Fr.-RS

Chris Johnson, Fr.-RS
Tevin Williams, Fr.-HS
CheRod Simpson, Sr.-TR

Evans Okotcha, Jr.-TR

Wide Receiver 1
Earon Holmes, Fr.-RS
Brandon Armstrong, Fr.-RS
Mike Wilburn, Fr.-RS

Wide Receiver 2
Kam Jones, Fr.-RS
Jake Wanamaker, Fr.-RS
Kenny Bias, Fr.-HS

Tight End
TJ Nielsen, Sr.-TR
Jay Kazen, Jr.-TR

Left Tackle
Scott Inskeep, Fr.-RS
James Bakke, Fr.-RS

Left Guard
Patrick Hoog, Jr.-TR
Payton Rion, Fr.-HS

Nate Leonard, Fr.-RS
Robert Chapman, Fr.-RS

Right Guard
Brady Brown, Jr.-TR
Mike Sanchez, Sr.-TR

Right Tackle
Cody Harris, Fr.-RS
Drew Phillips, Fr.-RS

Left End
Lakenwic Haynes, Jr.-TR
Caleb Hundley, So.-TR

Right End
Marlon Smith, Sr.-TR
Kristian Bryant, Fr.-HS

Nose Tackle
Frank Anaya, Jr.-TR
Ashaad Mabry, Fr.-HS

Defensive Tackle
Ferrington Macon, Fr.-RS
Dominique Henderson, Fr.-RS

Left Linebacker
Brandon Reeves, Jr.-TR
Blake Terry, Fr.-HS

Right Linebacker
Steven Kurfehs, Jr.-TR
John Walker III, Fr.-RS

Weak Safety
Jake Smith, Fr.-HS
Desmon Mathis, Fr.-HS (DNQ academically)
Godwin Wyche II, Fr.-RS

Strong Safety
Nic Johnston, Fr.-RS
Collin Simpson, Fr.-RS

Free Safety
Mark Waters, Fr.-RS
Joseph Lizcano, Fr.-HS

Cornerback 1
Jeremy Hall, Fr.-RS
Trent Langley, Fr.-RS
Darrien Starling, Fr.-RS

Cornerback 2
Crosby Adams, Fr.-RS
Triston Wade, Fr.-HS
David Farris, Fr.-RS

Sean Ianno, Fr.-RS

Josh Ward, Fr.-HS

Kick Returner
Brandon Armstrong, Fr.-RS
Kam Jones, Fr.-RS

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Darrell started writing about UTSA football before it was even a thing, then he took a few years off, and now he's back.

22 thoughts on “Projected 2011 Two-Deep Roster”

  1. dude you are stupid,… that depth chart is not even close to being right… if you are going to post something make sure it is valid…. you’re missing key players and, have players in the wrong position, i really question your sources… this is outrageous and embarrassing to the university…. I question your roadrunner pride due to the comments you state about the team

  2. What key players do you think I’m missing?
    I could see David Glasco II or Richard Burge and a few other guys that I left out getting into the depth chart. Josiah Monroe’s another guy that will probably be a huge playmaker for us, but I don’t think he really has a defined position on the depth chart yet.

    Any position changes that I included are ones that either the UTSA staff has talked about or that I thought would make sense given our personnel and style of play.

  3. on defense some of the people do not even play for the school anymore and some of the people starting are ridiculous, those weren’t even the people who started the spring game… if you wanna post a mock depth chart you have to do better

  4. I guess you have some sort of connection with the program that none of us have. There haven’t been any reports of players leaving the team, so please fill us in on those guys you say don’t even play for UTSA anymore.
    I based my predictions on their performances during all of the fall and the spring practices, as well as prior (high school or previous college) experience, not just the Spring Game.
    What changes would you make on defense?

  5. After some research I see that Collin Simpson left the team for Baylor, but I’m about 99% sure the rest of the guys are still on the team.

  6. Nobody…Instead of Bashing a Prediction why don’t you post your thoughts….Great Job Darrell. One change I do know is Robert Chapman is no longer on the team and I believe he’s walking on at A&M. Guess we’ll all find out how things pan out in a couple of weeks…I for one am ready for some football….

    1. Thanks for the info on Chapman. It actually lead me to some more info on another player leaving UTSA too, so I’ll post a story soon on the players that are leaving.

  7. Josiah Monroe will play slot receiver this year, I expect to see him get some action early and often.

    1. I can see Monroe playing in a similar role as Kam Jones. They both played QB in HS and got moved to slot here at UTSA. It will be interesting to see how we use the two of them in trick plays and in the wildcat (er… wild-runner…). But yeah, they’re two solid playmakers, and like Jared said over at his blog, Josiah will probably be involved in the kick/punt return game as well.

  8. You got almost everything right except for right guard. Scott Inskeep will be playing guard (know for a fact) with Drew Phillips manning right tackle.

    Defense is pretty much up in the air. I don’t see Anaya starting. I think Burge and Henderson will be at the tackle spots unless Mabry comes around and learns the defense. He is a beast. Also, I think Wade will be the starting corner with Scott giving him a run for his money. I don’t see Lizcano being a second teamer. Does not have the speed. I see Jacobs or Sanchez over Lizcano at that position. Jason Neill will also see plenty of reps at end. More than likely there will be some incoming freshmen that will be redshirted.

    Of course we will all be wrong come September 3.

    1. Thanks for the tip on the o-line. So many guys were injured for the Spring Game that I didn’t even bother trying to figure out who was starting then, so I just tried to go off the positions they played in high school.

      I actually initially had Burge and Domo as my starting DTs, but on Saturday’s episode of The Birth of a Program, Neathery said some good things about Macon, so I thought that warranted a move up the depth chart. I also liked the size and experience that Anaya brought, and I thought I might be biased towards Burge since we’re from the same town.

      Anyways, like you said, it’s all pretty much up in the air at this point, and really doesn’t even matter a whole lot since guys get rotated in and out all the time on defense.

    2. Just realized Wade played safety in high school. I’m thinking he could be the #2 FS, since I’m not sure he has the size to play SS in a 4-2-5.

  9. c’mon nobody. how are you going to be a dick, hide behind anonymity, bother to check back for additional comments the next day, and then still not offer your alternatives. my guess is that you have a bunch of bros that are walks-ons that you think are going to start. i’ll be waiting for your starting 22 and second teamers.

  10. Nobody, you obviously have nothing to say that is constructive. Your a loser and you are taking away from the point of the conversation. Other than “Nobody” the tool, great insight everyone else.

  11. lmao yall are funny, imma just say i dont have to make any predictions about anything,…. goodbye

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