Sneak peek of UTSA football uniform

*Edit again: Three more photos came in, including two of WR Kam Jones.

*Edit: We have now received two more photos, including a side view. Click on “Read more…” at the bottom of the post if you are on the homepage to be able to view the photos.

We’ve received a photo of UTSA linebacker Steven Kurfehs wearing the official jersey for the inaugural season.

It looks fairly different from the leaked Adidas sample jersey and the one available at

The most similar jersey that we’ve seen so far is the one for sale at Academy that was found by Bossman on

Look for an official announcement from UTSA soon regarding the jerseys and where we can buy official replicas.

Click on each photo for the full-size version.

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9 thoughts on “Sneak peek of UTSA football uniform”

  1. Great job Darrell on getting the photos. Now, go forth and bring us pics of the white on white version of the uniform.

  2. I’m actually not entirely sure if the away jerseys have arrived yet, since we have an extra two weeks after our first game before we need them. I had heard some things about what caused the delay in the home jerseys (since they were initially supposed to be unveiled Aug. 3), and that could be affecting the away jerseys as well. Just speculation though, haven’t heard anything official yet.

  3. i like it – but i would go with a white jersey for home and dark jersey for road and yes, more orange

    1. The reason that teams wear white at home is to gain an advantage in warm-weather games since they reflect sunlight more effectively and are thus slightly cooler than the dark uniforms, but that shouldn’t be an issue in the Alamodome. Correct me if I’m wrong, but LSU is the only school I know of that always wears white at home. Everyone else generally wears darks at home, with the occasional whites in their warm-weather games.

      I would love to see an orange alternate jersey to wear at home once a year, or at least an orange stripe on there somewhere, but I think we’re really trying to create our own identity as UTSA and get away from being just another UT satellite school, so we’re embracing the blue more than orange.

  4. I think you are right about putting less orange in the uniform to separate us from UT & UTEP. An alternate orange jersey with navy pants would be nice for home also. But the bold UTSA on the front of these jerseys is nice! Great job getting the pics Darrell.

  5. with u on that one bossman more orange makes the uniform look ugly..look at utep syracuse and clemson who have our colors and their jerseys have alot of orange and doesnt look good…definitely like the utsa jerseys better

  6. as close to the chicago bears in college as there is. really distinguishes themselves with all the umpteen blue and orange schools out there. great job UTSA.

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