Spread the word: Kickoff photo 360°

Last night while recording the podcast with Coker Chronicles, they said they were putting together a Flickr account for UTSA fans to upload their photos from the first game and have them all in one place, which I encourage everyone to do once they get it up and running.

Anyways, it got me thinking about putting together a collection of photos, all at the exact same time during the game, from every possible angle in the Alamodome.

So here’s what I need everyone to do:
1) Spread the word about this to everyone you know that’s going to the game
2) Bring a camera and/or camera phone to the game
3) Take a picture (or a few pictures, so I can get the timing right) of the field when the teams are lined up for the opening kickoff (preferably without zoom)
4) Send the picture(s), along with your Section number, to Darrell@RowdyReport.com

Once I get all the pictures in, I’ll put together a video of all the pictures, rotating throughout the Alamodome, and it will hopefully be as awesome as I imagine.

EDIT: To clarify, the Coker Chronicles Flickr account is for more than just photos from the game. “We’re looking for everything. Pictures from the pep rallies, riverwalk, fan photos, pictures with players, your cat wearing a hand-knitted UTSA sweater, whatever. We’d love to see it.” Follow both of us (@RowdyReport and @CokerChronicles) on Twitter and we’ll let you know when that Flickr account is up.

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