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UTSA won’t officially be featured in the NCAA Football video game series until next year’s edition (NCAA ’13) but some of us just can’t wait that long. For the past few weeks I’ve been working on putting together the UTSA football team for NCAA ’12 and it’s finally ready. Even if you don’t have NCAA ’12 or don’t want to download the Roadrunners, you can at least watch the video after the jump to get pumped up for the inaugural season. As you’ll see, I also made our first ever opponent Northeastern State Riverhawks and rival Texas State Bobcats.

I’ll start off with a few notes about what you see in the video:
First, you unfortunately can’t actually put the UTSA fight song in the game, so you’ll hear a generic fight song when the ‘Runners run out of the tunnel in the game.
I made a few changes to the logos/stadiums/uniforms/etc and updated the roster after making the promo video, so everything in the download should be good to go even if it’s wrong in the video (most noticably the jersey numbers of the freshmen/transfers). I’ll try to update all of that stuff again once we see what the uniforms, field and depth chart look like.

Here are the links to preview each of the teams, as well as some notes about them:

UTSA Roadrunners
Uniforms are based on the leaked Adidas sample jersey and I’ll update them as soon as UTSA releases the official jerseys. “Roadrunners” didn’t fit (10 character limit) so that’s why I went with “Runners” on the home jerseys. While it probably won’t exist in real life, I made the alternate uniform “Battle Orange” including orange helmet, jersey and pants.
Stadium is the Alamodome, but based off the Alamo Bowl, so half the stands will be filled with visiting fans and home-field advantage won’t exist. The field design was my best guess, and will be updated when we see what it looks like on Sept. 3.
The roster should be accurate based on the roster that UTSA recently released. Thanks to everyone who provided input on the depth chart and, again, it will be updated when we have a better idea of who’s playing.
In the 4-2-5 it will play two Strong Safeties and no LOLB, so that’s why I put our best linebackers at MLB and ROLB.

Texas State Bobcats
The Bobcats logo was available in the game, so that’s why it’s higher quality than the UTSA/NSU logos.
The uniform and field designs are based on pictures I found from their 2010 season, and I used the Eastern Michigan stadium as it most closely resembled Bobcat Stadium.
For the roster, I just used the Rice Owls template and generated random names. If enough people are interested I could get actual names/numbers for them.

NSU Riverhawks (green/black)

Since I figure most people would only want to play against NSU in the Alamodome for the inaugural game, I only designed their Away uniform and didn’t worry about their stadium or Home/Alt uniforms.
The roster is the default “Cupcake” template with random names.

NSU Riverhawks (blue/orange)

Same as the above version, but with primary colors as blue and orange. This way the Alamodome will be entirely filled with fans wearing orange and blue instead of half of them in green and black. The uniform is still the exact same, except that any accesories (sleeves, wristbands, etc) will be blue.

General notes about downloading to your console:
I designed these for XBox 360, but apparently they can also be downloaded on the PS3. I’m not sure if the process is any different for PS3, and I don’t have one to try it out on, so if anyone here has the PS3 and wants to try it out, make sure to comment on how it went.
To download the teams, just follow the steps in this video. You will need to type in my username (DarrellEW) and you should find all four schools.

Lastly, I was able to find all of our other FCS opponents, except for South Alabama, available for download from other users. Click on the team names for the preview and to find the username that you’ll need to enter in order to download them.
Sam Houston Bearkats
McNeese State Cowboys
UC Davis Aggies
Southern Utah Thunderbirds
Georgia State Panthers

I think that’s it. Leave a comment below with what you think of the teams and the promo video. Enjoy!

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  2. I created my own UTSA team on this year’s & last years. Used the generic normal team setting for a starting point. I will be downloading your team though. I did not take the time to do the UTSA roster.

  3. Nice job. I like your uniforms. Does anyone know for sure what the field itself will look like? i.e.will the endzone say “UTSA” or “Roadrunners”?

    1. Thanks. I’m not sure what the endzones will say (if anything) or which logo we’ll have at midfield (just the Roadrunner head, or the head with UTSA below it like we have on the helmets). For the Teambuilder team I just used what looks best, since they have some issues with pixelation and things being sized differently in game. I’ll put out an update as soon as we see what it actually looks like.

      1. Darrell,

        I was told by Athletics over the weekend that the endzones will be painted with the winged UTSA wordmark (no bird), while midfield will feature the Roadrunner head.

          1. Ahh… sorry, I didn’t think to ask.

            Blue background / white wordmark makes sense to me, or maybe green background (field turf) / white wordmark.

  4. Nice job on the rosters Darrell. It was pretty accurate although if I may give you some constructive criticism, you need to boost Soza’s running attributes! There’s no way he’s got a 59 Speed rating (which equals about a 5.5 40 time) Over on the Operationsports forum there is a conversion chart for converting 40 times and other stats into EA ratings. And I hope you’re wrong about the “Battle Orange”. As an Aggie who really wants to support this team, the less orange the better. lol

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