Welcome to the new RowdyReport.com

Welcome Roadrunner football fans to the new and improved RowdyReport.com!

Formerly utsafootball.wordpress.com, I figured it was about time to update the look and get a catchy new domain name so people will finally know what to call it.

We’ve also changed our twitter handle to @RowdyReport (all tweets, followers, etc should be moved over) and launched a Facebook page.

You can check out our updated About page to learn more about the switch, but here’s the important stuff for those of you who have been visiting my site for a while:

While we originally posted mostly news from other sources, we will now be writing more original material, while still linking to any other important stories on our Twitter and Facebook pages and within our posts. Ultimately, the goal of RowdyReport.com and our corresponding Twitter and Facebook pages is to be a one-stop resource for all Roadrunner football fans to find the latest news.

In addition to bringing you the latest news on the program, we will still be working on the Recruiting, Articles, Schedules and Wallpapers pages, along with launching one or two other pages, hopefully in time for the inaugural game on September 3.

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Darrell Williams

Darrell started writing about UTSA football before it was even a thing, then he took a few years off, and now he's back.