Week 4 Injury Report

Coming into the Roadrunners’ inaugural season, wide receiver was believed to be the position with the most depth. We’ll see that depth tested this week, as four of UTSA’s top receivers (and another TE) are suffering through injuries.

There’s also an experienced safety on the injured list that should return soon and could improve a secondary that’s been less than impressive in recent weeks.



TE Cole Hubble (Fr-RS)
Hubble was originally on pace to make his return on October 8, but he has progressed more quickly than expected and will likely see some playing time this week. Both Dan McCarney and Larry Coker on the Ticket 760 coach’s show confirmed his status.

WR Brandon Armstrong (Fr-RS)
Armstrong was injured in the Southern Utah game, but shouldn’t miss any more time. According to Coker, he suffered through bruised ribs last week, but will be playing against Bacone.

WR Kam Jones (Fr-RS)
Jones was also injured in the Southern Utah game, leaving the game on two different occasions due to arm/wrist injuries. Coker confirmed that he should be good to go this week.



SS Lekenwic Haynes (Jr-TR)
Even though Dan McCarney reported that Haynes was making his return this week, Coker said that he won’t be playing. However, he should return soon, and when he does, we’re expecting him to take back the Dawg position and move Nic Johnston back to Rover, which could improve what has been a fairly weak secondary thus far.

WR Jake Wanamaker (Fr-RS)
Wanamaker didn’t make the trip to Utah due to an ankle injury. The injury wasn’t thought to be too serious, but Coker said he will likely miss this game as well.



WR Earon Holmes (Fr-RS)
Holmes had originally been on the same timeline as Hubble, with a similar injury, and was expected to return this week as well, but I was able to confirm that he will miss this week, and possibly the next one as well.

LB Drew Douglas (Fr-HS), RB Sean Atkins (Jr-TR), OL Patrick Hoog (Jr-TR)
These three are all out for the season. See my preseason injury report for info on Douglas and Atkins, as well as my update on the Hoog injury.

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