Are Texas-San Antonio fans being hypocritical?

If you look at page one of the UTSA football media supplement, you’ll see a big orange box exclaming “We Are UTSA.” It is part of UTSA’s initiative to encourage the national media to refrain from using UT-San Antonio, Texas-San Antonio, UT-SA, TSA, TX-SA, or any other variations of the school name.

A large group of UTSA fans (including myself) have jumped on board with this initiative. If there is a media outlet using any of the aforementioned names, we will promptly correct them and let them know that we are UTSA.

Unfortunately, I’ve noticed that many Roadrunner fans, as well as the local media, haven’t extended the same courtesy to some of the teams who have played against UTSA this year. Here are just some of the names I’ve seen over the past few weeks:

McMurray State
Murray State
Southern Alabama
Georgia Southern

If our fans and media can’t even get the names of their schools right, then why should they bother learning the proper acronym for ours?

As a fan fighting for our team to be known as the UTSA Roadrunners, I urge each of you to extend the same courtesy to our opponents and refer to each of them by their correct name.

Also note that, unlike the NSU RiverHawks, we are the Roadrunners, not the RoadRunners or Road Runners. I’ve seen this mistake made in a few places recently as well.

We are the UTSA Roadrunners.

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Darrell Williams

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4 thoughts on “Are Texas-San Antonio fans being hypocritical?”

  1. Fantastic post, Darrell. I have seen all those you mentioned.

    I would say the only difference is that we often have opposing / neutral *media* call us Texas-San Antonio or whatever that week’s flavor is, whereas I haven’t seen our home media mess up names. Fans can be uneducated but for media to do it is inexcusable. I do agree that even as fans we should try to be on top of the correct term.

  2. I hadn’t seen those. Touche. Point remains that it seems to happen to us way more. In either case, it shouldn’t be happening at all and you have a legitimate point.

  3. If we are limiting this discussion to the media, I doubt anyone will get it right until the day comes that we are enjoying the level of success on the field that would warrant the media to get it right. At this juncture of our development I am quite honestly very happy that they ARE talking about us. The day will come where it will all work out.

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