Trey Mohair chooses basketball, gives up scholarship

One of UTSA’s most highly touted football recruits in the 2012 signing class, safety Trey Mohair from Denton Ryan HS, has reportedly chosen to forfeit his football scholarship and pursue an opportunity to play collegiate basketball, according to spoke to Trey about his decision to give up football. “He said it was a decision he and his father made and that his heart just wasn’t in football anymore.”

What makes this story more interesting is Trey’s twitter activity over the past two weeks. He seemed to be excited to join the Roadrunner football team on April 2 (as he has been ever since he committed in late October), but things changed just two days later, leading to a series of tweets over the next week that make this seem like much more than just an innocent change of heart.

Your guess is as good as mine as to what this all means, but this is nevertheless a big loss for UTSA and we’d like to wish him the best of luck in his basketball career, wherever he might end up.

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Darrell Williams

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