On being a true fan

As most of you are aware by now, I have not been happy with the direction of the UTSA football program recently. We are floundering, dead last in the nation in yards per play, 3rd quarter scoring, and a multitude of other statistics. We have been outscored 120 to 10 in our last three games, coming off of a bye week.

For some of you, this apparently looks like I (and the other fans who are equally or more critical) have suddenly turned on UTSA and hate the team we once loved. You’ve asked us to stay positive, or you’ve given up on us and told us to leave and not let the door hit us on the way out.

But I can tell you that I do not hate UTSA. In fact, I probably love the Roadrunners more than ever. But I’m worried about them.

You see, a lot of folks aren’t as passionate about UTSA as you and I. They just want to come out to the Alamodome six Saturdays a year and enjoy the show. But there has been very little to enjoy this year.

Attendance was at an all-time low two weekends ago, by a large margin. And that should worry you. You should not be happy about that.

You should not blame the fans who have decided they have better things to do than watch the worst offense in the country. Nor should you blame the fans that do show up week after week, but are actively voicing their displeasure about the direction of the program.

If you had a close friend heading down a dangerous path, would you be the person to stage an intervention and try to help them, or would you just sit back and hope that they somehow figure it out on their own?

A true fan is someone that loves the team enough to call them out when they are heading in the wrong direction. A true fan does not just sit idly by while the program self-destructs.

That’s what a true fan is to me.

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Darrell Williams

Darrell started writing about UTSA football before it was even a thing, then he took a few years off, and now he's back.