Week in Review – 4/10/12

Conference Realignment

Conference realignment talks surrounding UTSA continue to heat up as officials from Conference USA and the Mountain West Conference were both reportedly on campus last week. According to Dan McCarney, some conference officials are warming up to the idea of adding UTSA to the new alliance. “The more you look at them, and I’ve looked at them a lot, the more you like them. Potential growth, the size of the school, location — there’s a lot to like, a lot of great things going on.”

To make things more interesting, the Sun Belt has already started their expansion by adding Georgia State yesterday, with plans to add at least one more school in the near future. UTSA has been speculated as a leading candidate for the Sun Belt, as commissioner Karl Benson has stated he would like to expand into Texas, but we will likely have to wait and see how the alliance expansion turns out before the Sun Belt will make their decisions.

Park West

UTSA will be hosting a groundbreaking ceremony today for the first phase of the new Park West athletic complex, featuring a track and field stadium, soccer field, paved parking and related infrastructure. Follow @RowdyReport on Twitter for live updates from the ceremony.

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Week 4 Injury Report

Coming into the Roadrunners’ inaugural season, wide receiver was believed to be the position with the most depth. We’ll see that depth tested this week, as four of UTSA’s top receivers (and another TE) are suffering through injuries.

There’s also an experienced safety on the injured list that should return soon and could improve a secondary that’s been less than impressive in recent weeks.


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Week 3 Recap – UTSA @ Southern Utah

First of all, I’d like to apologize for not previewing this week’s game. I had a busy week and then had to fight a headache all day Saturday. But anyways, enough of the excuses, I decided to make it up to all of my loyal readers with a ridiculously long recap of the Southern Utah game, as well as a recap of some news from the past week.

Make sure to follow @RowdyReport on twitter and check out the Rowdyville forums (you can find me under the username DarrellEW), as I’m pretty active on both platforms and I’ll usually post and discuss the latest news on either of those before it makes it on a post here.

Let’s start off by putting yesterday’s game in perspective. Take a look at these stats:

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